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Apr 13

Ready for a career change? Learn more at our upcoming orientation

Take that first step! Careers in the medical field are always in high demand. Whether you’re looking to take the first step in a new career or want to expand your skillset to advance in your current position, visit our upcoming orientation to learn how you can take that first step. Upcoming Orientation Event Details […]

Dec 23

Looking Ahead to 2017

Medical Training Classes Start Soon! As we look toward the New Year, millions of Americans are thinking about their 2017 New Year resolutions. If you’re ready to start a career in the medical field or expand your skillset to advance in your current position, visit our upcoming orientations to learn how you can take that […]

Jul 20

Preparing For Your Phlebotomy Interview

Crystastic Jewels phlebotomy We love following the Crystastic Jewels phlebotomy YouTube channel. Jewels has been a phlebotomist/laboratory professional for more than 15 years and we find that her tips and tricks are helpful to our lab assistant and phlebotomy students.  Whether its order of the draw, test tube colors, workplace safety, performing a draw or […]

Jun 20

Tips To Help Phlebotomists Manage Nervous Patients

Not many people like to get their blood drawn. In fact, some people are terrified of it. There are a few reasons that a patient might be nervous to have their blood drawn: It might be his/her first time He/she might have had a bad previous venipuncture experience The patient might be afraid of needles […]

May 27

Are You Ready For a Change?

Are you tired of working a dead end job where you have little chance of earning more or moving up the ranks? Are you ready for a change? If so, we at CIMS have good news: our programs prepare students for rewarding careers in the medical field in as little as 10.5 weeks. Keep reading […]

Apr 18

What Are Externships?

So you’re perusing course catalogs and you’re trying to determine what college to attend and what program to enroll in. While duly completing your campus research you’ve stumbled upon a few tertiary schools that either offer or require an externship, and you’re a little confused. That’s okay! That’s why you’re reading this now! Externships are […]

Mar 1

“Home Health Aide” Do More with your Certified Nurse Assistant Qualification

Never Stop Learning – HHA Program Have you completed a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) program here at the California Institute of Medical Science (CIMS) in Fresno, California, but are thinking about continuing your education? After becoming a CNA, you are eligible to enroll in our Home Health Aide (HHA) program. Where CNAs work in nursing, […]

Jan 15

Finding a Vein: Don’t Do It In Vain!

We teach students the ins and outs of finding a vein Finding a vein is the most important role in the life of phlebotomists and there will be instances when the patient is difficult, or the veins not suitable for draws. Guidelines on locating a suitable vein and how to prioritize the order of venipuncture […]

Dec 23

New Year, New You

Get Your Certification from CIMS! 2015 is winding down and 2016 is just around the corner.  If you are like most Americans, you are probably starting to think about what big change you would like to make in your life in the coming year.  Is this the year you will finally go back to school […]

Nov 30

Rewards of Working in the Medical Field

Working in the medical field is known to be extremely rewarding. Unlike lawyers and debt collectors, medical professionals are often appreciated by the people they work with. That is because it is in their job description to help people. People who enjoy helping others will find a career in the medical field very rewarding. Here […]