Guaranteed Graduate Program

Our Motto
Building careers for the future.

CIMS understands the risks that come from hiring new employees.  Explore our
Guaranteed Graduate program to learn how CIMS can ensure that your
company will benefit from hiring a CIMS graduate.

We stand behind our grads with a money-back guarantee to employers.

We at CIMS are acutely aware of the time and energy that employers invest in new employees.  We have made it our mission to prepare our students to be a reliable asset in their chosen fields of study.  CIMS confidence in our graduates now comes with a spectacular salary-back guarantee!

CIMS is pleased to announce the CIMS Guaranteed Graduate program that allows employers to hire CIMS’ graduates with the confidence of knowing that their new employees have the backing of the institution that prepared them for the job.

California Institute of Medical Science is dedicated to serving the best interests of our students and graduates and the Guaranteed Graduate Program is another example of our commitment to the community we serve.  Of course with a new program there are many questions to be answered.  We hope you will find the following information helpful.  For complete program details, or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact CIMS at (559) 490-3911.

Here’s how it works:

  • Being a Guaranteed Graduate is something that is earned by our graduates.  Students are encouraged to strive for this goal beginning at the time of enrollment.
  • Not all CIMS graduates are eligible to become a Guaranteed Graduate.  To qualify, a graduate must have excellent grades and outstanding attendance.  Candidates for this program undergo a rigorous screening process to make sure they are ready to work for you.
  • After the Guaranteed Graduate is hired and on the job, we ask that the employers complete a 2-week progress update and return it to CIMS’ program director.
  • If the customer experiences issues or concerns with a Guaranteed Graduate’s performance at any time during the first 30-calendar days of employment, the employer can contact CIMS to give us the opportunity to coach the graduate and provide additional support.
  • If the employer decides to terminate a Guaranteed Graduate within the first 30-calendar days of employment, CIMS will refund the first 30 days documented earnings paid to the Guaranteed Graduate.

CIMS stands by our graduates! Contact CIMS to learn more about the program or discuss your specific hiring needs.

Lab Assistant Program Only.